Terms of Service

Professional Photograph Editing

Vital Edit is a professional photograph editing service ideal for professional, semi-pro and consumer photographers. We are committed to providing professional quality color correcting, editing, culling and turn-around for weddings, portraits and events. By providing knowledgeable, hassle-free and friendly customer service we focus on the quality of service and experience for our customers.

1.) Color Correction

Styles vary from one photographer to another. By providing our "Photographer Profile" we are able to learn and work with each photographer's style to provide the best photograph editing quality around. If you have certain specifics that need to be followed, rest assured that all information is kept confidential.

2.) Culling & Sorting

Being photographers ourselves we know the importance of specific photographs, such as those in wedding photography. We look through your event and narrow the images down to all the good photos while removing images that are out-of-focus, over/underexposed or someone has their eyes closed. We keep the important images, such as a first kiss at a wedding ceremony, even if it may not be perfect. If there are photographs that you want kept, please zip them up in a file labeled "Favorites". We assume no liablity in culling out images that you have not specified in the "Favorites" file. On request, we will review your photographs and re-cull at a rate of $20 per hour. As long as your order is still on file as specified in the 3.) Storage.

3.) Storage

Vital Edit will hold on to your photographs for a maximum of 14 days after each order has been completed. During this timeframe you must contact us within those 14 days if there may be any issues.

4.) Media

We cannot assume liability of any hardware failures, damaged or stolen that occur to any media sent to us, such as hard drives, dvd's, thumb drives, etc. We treat each media with the utmost care and store them securely.

5.) Uploading Images

Server maintenance may occur while an order is being uploaded to our server. This can disrupt the data transfer between our servers and you. We are not liable to any costs associated to the amount of data uploaded to our servers.

6.) Credit Card & Debit Card Authorization

Once an order has been placed, your credit card or debit card will be authorized for the amount of the order. We do not charge your card until we receive and complete your images. Some banks will put a hold on the authorization amount as a pending charge.

7.) Order Adjustments

In cases where we receive more/less images than the original order. We reserve the right to adjust the order as necessary and make any additional charges. You will be billed separately for the additional charges via email.

8.) Refunds & Returns

You have 14 days from the completion of your order to contact us of any issues. We pride ourselves in providing top of the line quality in our photograph editing and customer service and will do our best to accomodate any requests made. Please provide instructions of any requests during the order process and we will do our best to follow them. We cannot re-do an event or any portion of it unless we agree that an error has been made on our part. We do not offer refunds but additional edits to the images.

9.) Turn Around

We complete most orders within 7 business days of receiving the images via mail or through the website uploader. If, however, we are unable to complete the order within that timeframe, due to the amount of photographs for the order or unforceable circumstances, we will update your estimated completion date of the order. Turnaround times can be effected by the wedding season and our workload.

10.) Shipping

Shipping time varies from carrier to carrier, most delveries are made within 4 days of shipping. Once your order is shipped you will be notified via email.