Terms of Service

Professional Photograph Editing

Vital Edit is a professional photograph editing service ideal for professional, semi-pro and consumer photographers. We are committed to providing professional quality color correcting, editing, culling and turn-around for weddings, portraits and events. By providing knowledgeable, hassle-free and friendly customer service we focus on the quality of service and experience for our customers.

1.) Color Correction

Styles vary from one photographer to another. By providing our "Photographer Profile" we are able to learn and work with each photographer's style to provide the best photograph editing quality around. If you have certain specifics that need to be followed, rest assured that all information is kept confidential.

2.) Culling & Sorting

Being photographers ourselves we know the importance of specific photographs, such as those in wedding photography. We look through your event and narrow the images down to all the good photos while removing images that are out-of-focus, over/underexposed or someone has their eyes closed. We keep the important images, such as a first kiss at a wedding ceremony, even if it may not be perfect. If there are photographs that you want kept, please zip them up in a file labeled "Favorites". We assume no liablity in culling out images that you have not specified in the "Favorites" file. On request, we will review your photographs and re-cull at a rate of $20 per hour. As long as your order is still on file as specified in the 3.) Storage.

3.) Storage

Vital Edit will hold on to your photographs for a maximum of 14 days after each order has been completed. During this timeframe you must contact us within those 14 days if there may be any issues.

4.) Media

We cannot assume liability of any hardware failures, damaged or stolen that occur to any media sent to us, such as hard drives, dvd's, thumb drives, etc. We treat each media with the utmost care and store them securely.

5.) Uploading Images

Server maintenance may occur while an order is being uploaded to our server. This can disrupt the data transfer between our servers and you. We are not liable to any costs associated to the amount of data uploaded to our servers.

6.) Credit Card & Debit Card Authorization

Once an order has been placed, your credit card or debit card will be authorized for the amount of the order. We do not charge your card until we receive and complete your images. Some banks will put a hold on the authorization amount as a pending charge.

7.) Order Adjustments

In cases where we receive more/less images than the original order. We reserve the right to adjust the order as necessary and make any additional charges. You will be billed separately for the additional charges via email.

8.) Refunds & Returns

You have 14 days from the completion of your order to contact us of any issues. We pride ourselves in providing top of the line quality in our photograph editing and customer service and will do our best to accomodate any requests made. Please provide instructions of any requests during the order process and we will do our best to follow them. We cannot re-do an event or any portion of it unless we agree that an error has been made on our part. We do not offer refunds but additional edits to the images.

9.) Turn Around

We complete most orders within 7 business days of receiving the images via mail or through the website uploader. If, however, we are unable to complete the order within that timeframe, due to the amount of photographs for the order or unforceable circumstances, we will update your estimated completion date of the order. Turnaround times can be effected by the wedding season and our workload.

10.) Shipping

Shipping time varies from carrier to carrier, most delveries are made within 4 days of shipping. Once your order is shipped you will be notified via email.

Unlimited Pro Plan

This is a 12-month (annual) subscription commitment: $3,540 per year at 12 monthly payments of $295 per month.

A. Shoot & Event Requirements

1. Our Unlimited Pro plan is specific to a Professionally Photographed event (Order) and is accepted in any of the following types: 1. Wedding, 2. Engagement, 3. Bride/Groom Portrait, 4. Family, 5. Baby, 6. HS Senior, 7. Mitzvahs, 8. Boudoir 9. Multi-day single wedding.

  • a. Wedding is defined as two people joined in a marriage. All elements of the wedding are required in one single order. Example: Rehearsal Dinner, Getting Ready, Ceremony, Reception, Bride/Groom Portraits, Details shots (hair, makeup, jewelry, veil, bouquet, dress), Bride & Groom Formal Portraits, and any other scenes related to the event.
  • b. Engagement Sessions must be of the future Bride and Groom only.
  • c. Bride/Groom Portraits must be pictures of the Bride or Groom in their full wedding day attire.
  • d. Family Portrait Sessions must include a legal guardian and their children.
  • e. Baby Portraits are any child younger than 6 months of age; children over 6 months, baby showers and/or birthing sessions are not permitted.
  • f. High School Senior portrait sessions must feature the High School Senior only.
  • g. Mitzvahs
  • h. Boudoir sessions are defined as men or women partially clothed or in lingerie in candid or posed images. Headshots and/or Glamor Shots are not permitted.
  • i. Multi-day single wedding is defined as one single wedding within 2 or 3 consecutive days.

B. General Terms

  • 1. You agree to a twelve (12) month Unlimited Color Correction Service contract agreement with Vital Edit. Membership is also available as a Pay Per Image Account with no monthly charge.
  • 2. Any orders, and/or events not listed may still be purchased as a Vital Edit Pay Per Image Order for an additional $0.24 per image for a RAW image order and $0.31 for a JPG image order.
  • 3. This is a plan for professional photographers submitting professional sessions/orders. It does not cover hobbies, personal projects, vacation photos, friends and family, etc.
    • i. Vital Edit reserves the right to to reject any shoot that does not meet or qualify the requirements listed in the Terms and Conditions.
  • 4. The Unlimited Pro Plan provides for up to 700 color corrections per event, regardless of its duration in hours or days (ex. a 5 day event or wedding that is made up of different occasions and/or celebrations), any event with more than 700 images submitted will be billed at the regular custom color correction rate of $0.24 per image for RAW images and $0.31 per image for JPG images.
  • 5. Services shall be completed in 5 business days or less. Work timer begins once Vital Edit has checked in the order. Orders may be put on hold and exempt from the 5 business day completion time if Vital Edit is waiting on feedback from the user in order to complete the order.
  • 6. The Unlimited Pro Plan cannot be applied to previews and/or current orders.
  • 7. This plan is for the account holder whom shall be a professional photographer and whom may only submit professional images that were for hire by contract. This subscription may not be used for non-professional, personal, and/or hobby related images including but not limited to: extended education, testing, travel, leisure, pictures of friends, family or friend events, family, pets, architecture, etc.
  • 8. To qualify for Unlimited Pro plan, orders must be submitted within thirty (30) days of being photographed. Older orders are processed at the current Pay Per Image rate. Yearly subscribers may submit orders that were shot up to thirty (30) days before their subscription starts.
  • 9. Shipping & Handling charges for any hardware storage device, such as a hard drive, mini hard drive, thumb drive, etc. are not covered but the Unlimited Pro plan.
  • 10. This is a legal and binding contract. By agreeing to these terms, you (the Account Owner) agree to pay the 12-month (annual) subscription commitment at $295 per month.
  • 11. At the end of the contract term, your contract will automatically renew for an additional contract term until explicitly cancelled by you. Any cancellation must be done seven (7) days prior to the end of the contract term to allow for adequate processing time. 
  • 12. The Unlimited Pro orders/events may not be combined with any other offers, specials, promotions, discounts, or on orders currently in process.
  • 13. Plans are based on 12 consecutive months. Plans can not be put on hold.

C. Account Owner

  • 1. The Unlimited Pro Plan requires one Lead Photographer to be the owner of the subscription plan.
  • 2. The images submitted with this plan must be photographed explicitly by the Account Owner (subscriber) of this plan.
  • 3. Submitting full events photographed by associates, other photographers, other studios, or anyone not named on the Unlimited Pro Plan is considered abuse and is grounds for cancellation.
  • 4. For orders submitted that are not photographed by the account holder of this subscription (ex. photographed by associates, other photographers, other studios, or any person or people not named on the Unlimited Pro Plan), Vital Edit will consider this abuse, will require full retail payment of any such order submission, and this behavior is grounds for cancellation of the subscription. If the Unlimited Pro Plan is canceled due to abuse, all cancellation requirements per these terms and conditions will take full effect.
  • 5. For each order submitted by the photographer/Account Owner named on the Unlimited Pro plan must submit the majority of the entire image count.
  • 6. Associate Plans are available for Studios which either has multiple Main Shooters or Secondary Photographers who is considered a Main Photographer for the studio.

D. Cancellation Terms

  • 1. If for any reason you decide to cancel within the first thirty (30) days, this can be done by paying for the submitted orders at current a la carte pricing.
  • 2. If you decide to cancel after the initial thirty (30) days on the Unlimited Pro plan, you can pay a la carte pricing for all the orders placed since beginning the subscription. The balance already payed for the Unlimited Pro plan since the beginning of subscription will be deducted from the total.
  • 3. If payments are not fulfilled in full, you will be responsible for the entire amount of your contract and all collection costs associated with fulfilling your contract. You agree to reimburse us the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage at a maximum of 50% of the debt, and all costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, we incur in such collections efforts.
  • 4. Any outstanding and unpaid cancellation balance of the Unlimited Pro plan is subject to late fees.

E. Add-On Plans

1. Cropping and Straightening monthly add-on to the Unlimited Pro plan.

  • a. A twelve (12) month commitment of $60 per month.
  • b. Can only be subscribed to in addition to the Unlimited Pro plan.
  • c. With the add-on cropping and straightening subscription provides cropping and straightening for up to 700 images per event submitted through the Unlimited Pro plan subscription. Any additional images, as with the Unlimited Pro plan, will be charged a la carte at $0.09 cents an image.
  • d. All of the criteria from section A. B. C. and D. apply to the Cropping and Straightening add-on.