Outsource Post Processing - Custom Photo Editing

Oursourcing your post processing can benefit your studio in many ways. Such as allowing you to focus on building your photography studio and your customer base. We’re here to help ease the transition of having to spend late nights editing photos to having hours back in your schedule. Unsure of what to expect? We’ll touch briefly on a few points below.

Your Editor

When we start working together, your assigned just one editor who will always work on your images. This allows your editor to learn your editing style and to grow with you. We’re focused on the details of your images and how you want your images to look and feel.
You can call or email us anytime and we will respond, we believe in our customer service and our one on one approach.

Why Outsource My Post Processing?

If your already reading this, most likely, you have a few reasons why you want to outsource. The 2 biggest reasons we hear about are:

  • Time
  • Money

Time is Money

The biggest reason for a photographer to outsource is time. We’re here to put your late night editing sessions to rest, use that time to focus on building your photography studio, spending time with your family or even taking surfing lessons :) Once your finished shooting a wedding/portrait, are you still getting paid?

When you have 4 Weddings booked in one weekend, how much time is that for you to post process? If your looking at outsourcing, that would be NONE. This gives you the much needed time to shoot more events.

Cost of Editing

If your unfamiliar with the costs associated to outsourcing, we charge on a per image basis. That means no package pricing which you end up paying more for unneeded services.

Portrait Edit

  • Portrait shoot of 60 images custom color corrected: $15.00

Wedding Edit

  • Wedding of 400 images custom color corrected: $96.00

Compare that to the time it takes you to edit a complete wedding, how much are you making hourly? I’m sure you’ll find out that you are actually loosing money by editing the images yourself.